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26/2 -2011

Two new paintings have been added to the 2011 gallery

26/2 -2011

The first picture of 2011 has been added to the new 2011 gallery

31/10 -2010

I will attend the Swedish gaming convention BSK next weekend (5-7 october). There I will sell prints and bookmarks.

31/10 -2010

Another new digital painting has been added to the 2010 gallery.

26/9 -2010

Two new digital paintings and one graphite drawing have been added to the 2010 gallery.

8/3 -2010

I finished a new painting that is the first one in a series dedicated to the seasons. It can be found in the 2010 gallery.

13/2 -2010

There is now a gallery for 2010.There are two paintings in it.

15/12 -2009

I have finished two more paintings that can be found in the 2009 gallery.

7/10 -2009

A new painting was finished a long time ago but just recently put in the 2009 gallery.

Welcome to the online gallery of fantasy artist Elin Josefsson

Hi! This is my site on the internet. I am glad that you have found my place here, and I hope that you enjoy yourself when you look around.

I mostly paint fantasy art, but you will find some "ordinary" things in my gallery to. My most used tecnique is digital painting where I use my wacom tablet and adobe photoshop 7 or corel painter 8. In traditional mediums my favourite one has to be a graphite pencil, but I have tried many different tecniques, including acrylics, aquarelle and oil.

Under "Gallery" in the menu, you will find that I have divided my galleries into different parts for different years, spanning from 2004 to 2010. In some years I have painted more still-lives, but most times I have fantasy paintings.

I have done some tutorials to show how I generate my cg (computer generated) art. If you are interested in seeing how I work, or to learn more you are welcome to read them.

I hope that you get some sort of emotion when you look at my work, if you like it, I would love to know, email me at: elin.josefsson@gmail.com.

Have a pleasant day!

Visitors:         © Elin Josefsson 2004-2010